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Unique Mental Skill That Can Empower Successful Individuals and  Enterprises Stay Success and Bypass Pitfalls and Unwanted crisis like Steve Jobs behind Apple.
Achievers Resources Pty Ltd provides Mind Samurai series coaching and training program in One-On-One or in a group. A Mind Samurai can dominate the game of mind maze, escape the trap and bypass triggers so to control the destiny on the life journey.

It is not for everyone but for those who aim to free from suffering in protect wealth and stay success because of low productivity, poor performance, fear in sale, stress, depression, anxiety, etc.
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Hear The Word On The Street
"Dr Angela Wilson's ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered..."
Darren Harris
 Business Owner
"Angela takes one to places that others can't. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening..."
Shelly kenny
"She is the one any entrepreneurs and business owners could not afford to miss out if you desire a safe journey.."
San Inyoman 
High Achievers, Entrepreneur
You Are Just One Skill Away
All Of Your Fantasies
All Of Your Realities
A Powerful Leader In...
You are confident in public, social and personal life. You know you can look through everyone and everything is under control.
You are panic, depressed...maybe addicted to...
You have Secrets that needs to hide and you don't know who will be the next one to betray you. You shout at home...
You Want To Recover To Severe Health Issue Effortlessly
as you understand mind power.
You ended up lost couple of millions due to Meditation required
You feel like a king. You are powerful, successful and healthy. Everything is under your control. You are proud of business partners as they are so reliable.
In a sudden, your partner stepped on your back. You lost a fortune. The humiliation draw your emotion faraway from being stay calm as usual. The anger led to an acute health condition. don't know why
You are energetic and you are initiative.You are productive. You all always shows high performance because you are super healthy. You are tireless. You don't rely on sleeping pills and... to release the stress...
You Suffer from Some mental problems like Bipolar, ADD... You can not focus and have to move around. You have no idea about how to juggle between different minds and reverse the symptoms...
You Dream to Live or you are living a luxury lifestyle, or you live with financial abundance
But There is a voice and pain from your childhood . 
You hope you can free from ...as there are so many options.
You take care of health, go to GYM, very fit, eat organic food, have awesome business partners
After years and years, you are still living with pain
one of the 80% of entrepreneurs who struggle with a host of personality disorders such as narcissism, sudden wealth syndrome and the impostor syndrome
You want success and work hard on it. You Succeed and move to a new level
But you fear of losing and may suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, depression. You worry that you might end up like...
You motivate Others and You talk about The Law Of Attraction, NLP, wealth psychology, success psychology, meditation, etc.
You Know It doesn't alway work and you have no clue on how to bridge the loopholes
You Are Wealthy And Successful.
You know You can Control your business and professional life.
Your personal life empowers you to achieve more.
You feel powerless in private life. You know your spouse or partner love you. But you worry what if your beloved one is not there for you anymore. You hold fear and the sense of uncertainty...
You love your family and dream your life will stay this way
You have no idea why you have a life journey like this, but too late
Is that You?
“I have travelled all world and learn everything in my reach. I know they are good. But I can not bridge the gaps of these pieces of learning…”
The reasons why after tried everything you can and made so much effort,.
Is That you?
“ Oh, my God, I am so exhausted years and years of effort trying a new method with big hope. It normally work for a while, but then found out it is not reliable anymore. I have to continue searching. And Hope…”

The brutal truth is : There is no magic pills.
The good news is there’s a way to literally change your reality instantly. It is find someone who already took life risk testing, implementing and bridged the gaps. This someone has gone through the process and did the hardest job and you just enjoy the fruit.
What you really want...
Is to Get a permanent fix without consequence but lifelong benefit.
Is to lift your spirit and shift your mind to a completely new dimension.
So you are able to disconnect with those what hold you back and one day will take you down.

It may sounds too good to be true. It’s not.
But your dream can come true through Dr Angela Wilson, the Million Dollar Mind Samurai Coach.
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